Monday, October 8, 2012

International Babywearing Week - Monday

Happy Monday Everyone! And Happy International Babywearing Week! Anyone planning to celebrate?  The Charlotte Babywearers will be gathering out at McDowell Park for a BYO-Picnic on Saturday and you are welcome to join.  For my personal celebration, though I've decided to post a pic every day of us using a different wrap/carrier.  It's been fun going back through my pics and finding ones to fill out the week.  Today we start with my first wrap.

This is a stretchy wrap (similar to the Moby) and it saved our sanity!  Worse came to worse, I could pop her in this thing and walk around and she would calm down.  This pic was taken on the way to our first pediatrician's appointment so Turtle would have been just over a week old.  Wrapping can be intimidating!  But it can also be awesome!  I loved that I could put my wrap on before I left the house and pop her in and out at every stop without having to re-wrap.

Have you used a stretchy wrap?  What did you think?

Are you a new parent wanting to learn about babywearing?  Are you an veteran wearer wanting to meet others and learn more?  Join us for a sling party or other get together! The Charlotte Babywearers

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