Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap of Faith

I'm a huge fan of the Bob and Sheri Show on The Link here in Charlotte.  I listen every morning on my way in to work, and then usually during the day I'll listen to podcasts of the hours I missed. Well, this morning, they decided to celebrate Leap Day by opening the phones to hear people's Leap of Faith stories. If this hadn't been right at 8am when I was supposed to be starting work, I definitely would have called in because it got me thinking about my crazy journey over the last few years.

Standing on that pier, watching J's ship pull in, after quitting my job and driving cross country with everything I owned in my car, knowing I was about to start a new life with a guy I had seen for SEVEN whole days out of the past five years, was the most terrifying moment of my life.

Less than a year later we were getting married.


This past weekend we celebrated the 1st birthday of our baby Turtle and in just three short weeks we'll celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary.

I will be eternally grateful that I made the very scary Leap of Faith. And I think I shall celebrate it every Leap Day. I texted my best friend, who also has plenty of Leap of Faith stories (the military seems to give you plenty of opportunity for them), and wished her a Happy Either-We're-Crazy-Brave-Or-Crazy-Stupid Day! So, what about you? What was your Leap of Faith?

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