Thursday, November 9, 2006

Myspace Part I: Old Friends

Myspace has also given me the opportunity to connect with people I would have most likely never met. Going through this deployment has been one of the most difficult things I've ever experienced. I don't think I would be surviving if it weren't for the many military women that I've come in contact with. I SO appreciate the support and encouragement of my civilian friends, you guys have been wonderful! But no one understands the life of a military girl like another military girl.

The thing that I have loved most about the military women groups I've been a part of (other than the support and encouragement), has been the opportunity to see the diversity of the women who have chosen this life. We all share a deep love for our men, and a strong desire to support the commitment they have made. Other than that, we are so different. I thought I would be the only liberal in the group. I've found that that is not true. Some of us are conservative, some liberal. Some are republican, some are democrats. Some are mothers, some are not. Some work outside the home, some don't. Some have been through many years and many deployments, some are new to the game. Each one has a unique perspective and something to offer the group whether it be the enthusiasm of the new comers or the wisdom of the more seasoned women. But above all, I've learned that military women are family. Regardless of where you are stationed or how long you've been in the game, these women are ready to open their arms, their ears and their homes at a moments notice.

On our own we are incredibly strong. But together we are invincible. GO NAVY!!!!

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